the mclindens | family

According to all the school calendars, summer may be winding to a close, but I’m refusing to give up on it OR on the beach!  I love every image we captured on this perfect night earlier this month.  I could have photographed these kids all night long…they were naturals in front of the camera and so much fun to be with.  Here’s to squeezing a few more sunsets in before fall!


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megan + dan | engaged

When we first got out of our cars at the beginning of Megan & Dan’s session, it was drizzling, and I just wasn’t sure how our evening was going to unfold!  I love that they were up for anything and were ready to make it work.  Their awesome attitudes carried through the whole session – Dan was laid-back and easy-going, eager to please Megan, and in turn, Megan’s face seemed to light up every time she looked at him, smiling and laughing the whole time.  I love the images we captured during this session and cannot wait for their wedding in April of next year!


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cameron | expecting

I had the opportunity to photograph Cameron while she was in town for her baby shower, thrown by her cousin Ashley of Ashley Thunder Events at The Red Barn Experience.  We headed to the beach for pictures while Ashley set up, and as always, my jaw just dropped when I walked in and saw how the space was transformed!  It was a beautiful day from beginning to end and the perfect way to celebrate this new chapter in Cameron’s life!


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