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I view your Balee Images session as an opportunity to document your family's story at a particular moment in time. What that story looks like will be affected by many things outfits, locations, weather but at the heart of each family's story is the way the members interact with one another. It is that interaction and connection that I long to capture! The gallery you receive after your session with me will include a variety of images: some of the more classic, posed images in which your family is looking at the camera; and many will be images of those in between moments. I will photograph you with a variety of lenses, so some times I will be closely interacting with you and your children, and other times I will be photographing you from a distance in an attempt to capture more candid, relaxed moments. My style is definitely documentary in nature, and it is my goal to notice the details and the little things I would want to remember if it were my family.

I shoot on location only at an outdoor location or in your home. I prefer to schedule your session at sunrise or sunset to take advantage of the most beautiful light of the day.

Your Session